Friday, August 11, 2017

Maths Building

Last week in maths we did some tent  buildings with only two things, clay and toothpicks, it was hard because sometimes the clay won't stick to the toothpicks but we still did a good job. It was so fun and I really enjoy doing it with my friends, after finish our building, we just take a photo on our Chromebook, and then we have to DESTROY IT! And put all the clay and toothpick back. I hope you like my building.   


  1. Hi Sylvia my name is Micah. I'm from park estate school. I like how you said you enjoyed making a tent in maths because you are having fun while doing maths. Its awesome because lots of people hate doing maths. Hope you have lots of fun doing your school work! :D

    Kind regards

  2. hey Sylvia Rhain here. I'm from park estate school. That is so awesome i really like what you did and i'm going to do that at home.

    king regards


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