Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Book Review (whole)

This term Te waka ako were working on a slide that our teachers have gave us, we had to answer questions and write about how we like the book and what happened. The book my reading group had is called HERO. each slide there are different task to complete and had to finish it last week.

For the first slide (PLOT OR STORY LINEwe wrote what happened to our story that we remembered when reading the Beginning, Middle and End.  For the slide (NARRATIVE STRUCTURE) we write about the problems and what the solution was and my favourite slides was
the two Main character slide because I get to make the two character in the book by using Build Your Wild Self and write about the character. For the Favourite moment slide I wrote my favourite of the part of the story and why did i like it. For Opinion map we had to write our opinion on what to good things, bad things and interesting things. The six thinking hats we wrote the information, good things, negative, how he feels, what was creative and what i will do next. Slide 9 Questioning we wrote the questions about the book we want to know and write what we think about the question. For the last slide we wrote the words we don't know in the book and find out what it means and where did we find the meaning.

u could check out the book its called HERO

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